Tips and Tricks to Crack Group Discussion (GD) Round

General Group Discussion(GD) is one the most effective procedure for either selecting or rejecting a candidate. Everyone should acquire some general tips during GD round. Most of the candidates faces many problems during GDs. Here are some DO’s & DONT’s for the Group Discussion(GD) Round.

DO’s for Group Discussion :-

Be Yourself : In a Group Discussion, do not ever pretend to be someone else as according to the topic given to you. Be normal, be Yourself and be Confident about any point you have put forward.

Be Yourself In a Group Discussion

Take Initiative : Always remember that it is also beneficial to speak at first. Jot down your points or views on a sheet of paper and always try to initiate the GD. It will help you gain more confidence in the Group Discussion.

Take Initiative Always remember in GD

Be Patient : Be assertive but do not try to over react on any point. Be humble to your fellow members and listen to what they saying very carefully. Being a Good Listener is very much helpful during Group Discussions.

Be Patient during group discussion

Make Eye Contact : You should always make an eye contact during a conversation. It helps you understand the expressions and views of the other members.

Make Eye Contact during group discussion

Start with a Question : If you have not got the opportunity to speak at first then do not be impatient and non responsive. Try to listen at what other speaks and try to question them on their views. This can look very effective. It proves that you were attentive and a good listener as well.

Start with a Question in group discussion

DONT’s for Group Discussion :-

Do not interrupt : Do not interrupt in between a conversation. It will portray yourself as an impatient fellow.

Do not interrupt during group discussion

Do not be Irrelevant : Be relevant to your Topic. Do not try to act over smart and open up to some other irrelevant topics.

Do not be Irrelevant during GD

Do not Repeat : Do not repeat same point again & again. It will portray you as arguing person.

Do not Repeat during group discussion

Do not Speak Without facts : Try to give some stats or basic facts about the topic that has been given in Group Discussion.

Do not Speak Without facts group discussion

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