Virtual Calculator Will Be Provided For GATE 2016, Practice Here

From next year no need to carry Scientific Calculator. Gate 2016 declare that now student not need to carry calculator inside exam hall. For the calculation GATE 2016 providing a virtual calculator, which is going to pre install in system.

USE:   GATE 2016 Virtual Calculator

Why is the Need Of Virtual Calculator ?

GATE 2016 taking initiative to stop any kind of cheating which may happen with this use of calculator. In past it is found that student modify their calculator to store some data in it.

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  • How to use GATE 2016 Scientific Calculator
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You can Practise Gate 2016 new Calculator on our site ↓↓

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How GATE 2016 Virtual Calculator look and its demo

gate 2016 virtual calculator
gate 2016 virtual calculator

USE:   GATE 2016 Virtual Calculator